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Activity 1: Expanded Noun Phrases 

Please have a look at the following lesson on bbc bitesize. Watch the videos and complete the online challenges.


Then, have a go at the following activities: 

Activity 2: Past tense verbs and verb families


Complete the following lesson on bbc bitesize, then have a go at the following activities:


Activity 3: Fronted Adverbials and Adverbs 


Remember, a fronted adverbial tells us where, how or when something happens.They include adverbs and can be one word or a phrase (an adverbial). 


Watch this video and then have a go at completing the workbook (there is also a useful terminology guide attached for parents)

Activity 4: Silly Sentences


Using all of the grammar skills you have practised this week, complete the activity below:

Activity 5: New York is Falling 

Reading Comprehension: Earthquakes