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Monday 8th February

LF: To create a word bank.

This week, we are going to write a post-eruption setting description; this will describe Pompeii after the eruption.  Over the next few days, we are going to build up a bank of ambitious vocabulary to support our writing.  Today, we will begin by creating a word bank to describe the scene.  Try to include lots of adjectives, adverbs and expanded noun phrases in your word bank.  Remember, you are not describing the eruption, you are describing the aftermath.  I have included some examples at the bottom of the page to get you started.



Expanded noun phrases are phrases made up of a noun and at least one adjective

e.g. thick, black smoke If you use more than one adjective, remember to separate these with a comma. 


An adverb is something that describes where, why or how something is done

e.g. thick, black clouds moved slowly overhead.

The faint rumbling of Vesuvius echoed through the silent city

Suffocating gas

The sickening stench of sulphur

Cobbled streets covered in a blanket of ash

Eerie silence

Hot air

The sky was thick with pumice and black with ash

Distant screams

A trail of lava pouring slowly down the mountainside

People running hysterically, frantically, desperately

Boats bobbing furiously on the water