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Activity 1: Super Synonyms


Have a look at the following lesson on BBC Bitesize:


Watch the video and have a go at the online activities. Then try these activities: 

Activity 2: Punctuating Direct Speech

When we use speech or dialogue in our writing we use inverted commas to show that somebody is speaking. Have a go at the following BBC lesson to revise the rules when using speech in your writing. Then have a go at the following activities:

If you are finding this tricky, have a look at this PowerPoint and help sheet:

Activity 3: Punctuating Speech Activity Booklet

Test your knowledge on punctuating speech by trying a selection of these activities: 

Activity 4: Write a Newspaper Report

Read the Newspaper Report below - it is about the recent floods in Ironbridge and Shrewsbury. We talked about them happening in February.


1. Research more about the floods in Ironbridge and Shrewsbury if you would like to include more details in your report. 

2. Plan a Newspaper Report

3. Write a Newspaper Report telling people about the floods as if they are happening now. 


Challenge: Take on the role of a news reporter and present the information in front of your family. 


Weather Events 2020 - Flooding at Ironbridge (UK) - BBC - 25th February 2020

Activity 5 Reading Comprehension

Have a go at these 60 second reads to brush up on your reading skills.