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Lesson 1 - Exploring poetry

To revise how to write a poem and create one of your own.

This lesson includes:

one video explaining how to write a poem

four activities

Lesson 2 - Write a Newspaper Report

Read the Newspaper report below - it is about the recent floods in Ironbridge and Shrewsbury.

1. Research more about the floods in Ironbridge and Shrewsbury if you would like to include more details in you report.

2. Plan a Newspaper report.

3. Write a Newspaper Report telling people about the floods as if they are happening now.


Challenge: Take on the role of a news reporter and present the information in front of your family.  You could even ask them to record it to watch later!


Lesson 3 - Reading Activities

Lesson 4

Lesson 5 - Apostrophes for Contractions

To revise how to use apostrophes to combine (contract) two words.


This lesson includes:

One video to help you revise how to use apostrophes to combine (contract) words

One video about the inspirational scientist Marie Curie

Three activities