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Activity 1: Writing to Describe

Choose one of the endangered animals on the sheet below or choose your own. Research this animal’s appearance (what it looks like) and behaviour (how it behaves/traits it has). Use powerful adjectives to describe your chosen animal. Can you find any synonyms?


Activity 2: Writing to Persuade 

Create a poster to persuade people to save an endangered animal of your choice. You could have a look on the links below or do your own research into endangered species. The help sheet outlines what you should include. 

Activity 3: Write a Poem


A Riddle

A riddle is a short poem which is also a puzzle to be solved - the aim is to describe an object, person or thing without making it too obvious what it is. Have a look at the examples in the link below and have a go at writing your own riddle about an endangered animal. Then, see whether your family can solve it or send it to me to solve!


An Acrostic Poem

An acrostic poem is a type of poetry where the first letters in a line spell out a particular word. Can you write one about an endangered animal? 


Activity 4: Create a Glossary

Can you find the definition for all of the words listed in the document below? As an extra challenge, see if you can put these words into a sentence.

Activity 5: Reading Comprehension

Choose one of the reading activities below and answer the questions about the text.