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Activity 1: Powerful Adjectives

If you need to recap on what adjectives are, then watch the following video:

Then, complete the activity below using an online thesaurus to help you find new and ambitious vocabulary.

Activity 2: The Story of Grace Darling 

Watch the video on the story of Grace Darling - then complete the activity sheet using the senses to describe.

Activity 3: Improve the Sentences

Activity 4: BBC Lesson - Diary of Grace Darling

Have a look at the following lesson on BBC Bitesize:


Use the story cards below to help you sequence the story:

Activity 5: Home Learning Time Capsule

A time capsule is a way of describing to people in the future what life is like today or how we felt at a particular time. They are intended to communicate with future people, like historians who want to find out about what life was like before now. We could also use a time capsule for ourselves to remember what life is like now. 


Have a go at the following activities and then put all of your work in an envelope or box. Put it somewhere safe so that you and your family can look back on it at the end of the year.