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Activity 1: Ocean/Sea creature Fact File

You can either create your own fact file about a sea creature of your choice or you can choose one of the templates in the link below.

You may want to use the following websites to help you with your research:


If you create your own, try to include the following:

What do they eat?
How do they survive?
What habitat do they live in?
Describe their appearance

Draw a picture

Statistics - e.g. their size
An amazing fact


Activity 2: Poetry - Write a Riddle

A riddle is a short poem which is also a puzzle to be solved - the aim is to describe an object, person or thing without making it too obvious what it is. Have a look at the examples in the links below and have a go at writing your own under-sea riddle Then, see whether your family can solve it or send it to me to solve!

Activity 3: Identifying and Using Prepositions 

Complete the BBC lesson on Prepositions - can you remember what they are?


Then, complete the activity below and put your new knowledge to the test.


Activity 4: Creative Story Writing

She knew that it hadn’t been a good idea to leave the tap running, but now she was starting to enjoy herself… 

Where does the story go next? You decide...

Have a go at the sentence challenge to think of some fantastic vocabulary to use in your story. 

Activity 5: The Pod - Word and sentence editing challenge

What do you think "The Pod" is describing? Use your super descriptive skills to improve the sentences.

Reading Activities