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 ​A Junior Road Safety Officer (or ‘JRSO’ for short) is a pupil at school who is involved in promoting Road Safety to the other pupils. As a JRSO for your school your main roles will be:


  • To create and maintain a road safety notice board, with relevant information for each term.
  • To arrange and carry out road safety activities/ competitions/ surveys/ etc.
  • To read school assembly messages that you have agreed with your headteacher
  • Use the information in your JRSO pack and this website to develop road safety awareness to everyone within your school.
  • To become a good JRSO representative for your school by setting an example of good road safety practice.

Meeting Minutes


Going for Gold!
Now we have achieved Bronze for the Modeshift Stars Award we are aiming high and going for gold! To achieve this the JRSO’s (Junior Road Safety Officers) are working on a plan, our main aims are to make access to school as safe as we can! We recognise that the location of the school makes dropping off and picking up children safely a challenge for us all.
To alleviate the busiest times of the day we provide:


  • Afterschool clubs
  • Support Howzat (out of school club) and work closely with them.
  • Provide pedestrian training for our pupils
  • Hold various assemblies to promote road safety.
  • Work with the local community
  • Look for every opportunity to improve the situation.


We appreciate and recognise your support by:

  • Car sharing
  • Parking considerably
  • Park and stride (parking at cricket club, memorial hall, church) and walk.
  • Avoid car parks that are congested and present a range of hazards to children.

We are all trying to do our best! Any new idea’s welcome!