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Lilleshall Primary School

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Times Tables

In Key Stage 2, pupils are expected to practise and learn their tables regularly for all facts up to 12 x 12 to be instantly recalled. This knowledge of tables facts is crucial to all areas of maths and will help your child to apply knowledge and progress through the curriculum.


Minute Maths

Each Friday all of the Minute Maths challenges for the following week will be sent home giving the children the chance to practise strategies for that particular Minute Maths level before they tackle it.



Spellings are given weekly on a Friday and pupils are encouraged to research the meaning of any unknown words over the weekend ready for their English lesson on a Monday. Pupils are given many different strategies and techniques to enable them to be successful spellers as we appreciate that children learn in a variety of ways. Dictionaries and thesauruses should be used regularly as an aid to spelling and vocabulary enrichment.



At Lilleshall we focus on the importance of reading for enjoyment as well as to further our knowledge of the world. Pupils should be reading as often as possible in order for reading to become embedded as part of their daily lives as it is a skill for life. Each term, we will invite the most enthusiastic and the most improved reader to attend the Readers' Restaurant to celebrate their achievements in reading.



Often pupils have an opportunity to complete independent research on themes throughout the year. All pupils are given guidance on how to use the internet safely and what to do if anything should make them feel uncomfortable. We ask that parents monitor their child's use of the internet when undertaking such projects