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Dear Year 6 parents and children,


Hello from us all in Bubble H. We miss having a full class, especially at this time when we would be preparing our leavers’ assembly. With this in mind, we thought it would be a lovely idea to produce our leavers’ assembly as a video. It would be wonderful if each child in Year 6 would produce a video to be a part of a montage as their addition to the assembly. There will be a ‘travelling’ school jumper, which will start and end each individual video.


Your child’s video should:

  • Be filmed in landscape.

• Start with them catching their school jumper from their left.

• They have up to a minute to perform something- this could include a speech of school memories (these could be funny memories), acting out a special time such as Arthog, singing, sharing work from home such as art or writing, hopes for the future, sharing a special skill, or something else your child thinks of.

• Finish the video by throwing the jumper off screen to their right.


If your video could be emailed to  by Monday 6th July, we will begin putting all the videos together ready for the school website. Thank you in advance for your support and time with this project.


If you ordered a Leaver’s Hoodie for your child and they are not currently attending school, could you please pop to the school office and collect it at your earliest convenience.


Mr Firmstone – Hill and Mrs Walker

Below you will find a Pupil Voice form that we would like you to complete about your home learning. If you could please email your completed forms back to me, I would be very grateful. As always, please contact me if you need any support.

Pupil Voice