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Home Learning 2021

Hello everyone working at home.

We are so sad that we are not seeing all of our children everyday but look forward to a time when we can safely be all back together. We aim to make our learning experiences together fun and as much as possible the same learning will be taking place at home as we will be doing in school. 

Each week we will be adding work to the dated star below for you to use at home. These activities will ensure that your child still experiences a range of curriculum areas. We will upload each days work in a folder labelled with that day of the week and this will include a maths focus and a literacy or additional area of learning focus that uses literacy skills. There will be times where you child is very confident with the activity set and we will offer extension activities. Please do ensure that your child can work independently within the skill we are asking them to do before they move onto the extension task. So that your child sees their teachers in action we will add tutorials or teaching sessions onto tapestry as videos to help with the tasks for the day. The activities we put on each day will be exactly the same as what we are doing in school so if your child is attending some days and not others please only do the activities that are for the days your child is not in school. At this time we will add the days work to the website the day before but at some stage we may get quicker at this and add more at one time. 

Feel free to do these activities at any time on any day of the week to suit your current home situations. Please remember that when in school your children will do short focused activities lasting at the most half an hour at a time and then will consolidate their learning through play opportunities. These will happen several times a day but we are not expecting children to be sat for long periods of time as they will not be doing that in school. We understand everyone's situations are different and we will work hard to support you as much as we can.  Please use the following email to contact us with any questions each week.


Please do not send children's work via email but we will love to see examples of what you are doing at home uploaded onto tapestry. This will then become a part of your child's online learning journey and we can respond to the work via the comments section. Please bear with us if Tapestry does not work initially. We have been having trouble accessing Tapestry at school. They are working on increasing capacity as so many schools are choosing to use it to support home learning.  

We will endeavour to respond to all the work uploaded but depending on how much there is each day we will look at all of them and definitely comment on some.  We will be offering advice and next steps also when we can. 


The following activities are ones we would really like children to do on a daily basis if possible:


1. Please either share a book with your child and talk about the story or information or ask you child to read to you. The following website will help you if you don't have books your child can read. Please choose the level of comic that matches your child's reading ability:


2. A phonics session. This will include practising sounds and key words we have already learned with flashcards using the video attached in the resources section or uploaded on Tapestry and accessing the video for the teaching for that day on Espresso, see link below. We will also try to record this on Tapestry for those people who find this easier to access:

The username is : student 26975 and password lilles7


3. Maths Subitising - that is recognising and knowing how many are in a group of objects without counting. We will add a video to the resource section and also add this to Tapestry.  This could be done two or three times a week. 


4. Please choose two or three letters from the handwriting videos in the video resource section to practise each day. This can be writing using pencil and paper, felt tips, whiteboard pens on a whiteboard, on a table in shaving foam or in a tray in sand. Please ensure that you are using two lines to write between so the children can make their letter tall or short and that the ascenders and descenders go to the top and below the lines respectively. 


Thank you for your support in advance. We know this is a tricky journey. Please don't be hard on yourselves and do what works for you. We will endeavour to make is as fun and enjoyable as we can and keep in touch.


Take care,

Vanessa Savill and Rose Lee