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History and Geography

Wednesday 24th February

LF: To learn about the past using secondary sources - The Roman Baths


Your Task: Create an information brochure/leaflet about the Bath Houses in Roman Britain. Use the resources below to help you as well as your own research. Choose one of the templates below or you could create your leaflet on a computer.


You could include:

  • What were the names of the different rooms?
  • What was each room for?
  • What were the Baths like?
  • Pictures of the layout/different rooms.
  • Interesting or fun facts.
  • What else did the Romans do in the Baths?

Public baths in Roman Britain | Primary History - Roman Voices

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. The clip examines how (and why) Roman baths were introduced to Britain and the variety of uses that they had.