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History and Geography

Boudicca's Rebellion


LF: To understand the events leading to Boudicca’s rebellion and its impact on Britain.


Your Task: 

1. Watch the video and then read the slides about Boudicca.


2. Complete worksheet 1 - all of the information you need is on the PowerPoint.

2. Create a Wanted Poster - The Romans wanted to capture Boudicca so they could continue to take over and rule. Design a Wanted Poster including a picture of what you imagine Boudicca to look like. You can use the template or create your own - I have included some examples of similar types of posters.

Boudicca & the Roman Invasion | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. This animation explores life in Britain during the Roman Invasion and Boudicca's rebellion in 60AD. Part five of the 11-part The...