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Ancient Greece

Our current history topic is the Ancient Greeks. We will be thinking about who the Ancient Greeks were, their place in history, their effect on democracy, the creation of the Olympics, Greek Gods and Goddesses, Greek Art and the story of the Trojan War.

Have fun researching this topic and discovering lots about this fascinating period of time. Perhaps you could create a fact file, PowerPoint, poster or piece of Greek Pottery. We would love to see what you have created.  We will add some resources to help you with this topic.     


Research Athenian democracy to discover how it worked and how elements of it are still relevant today. Think about these key questions:

What is democracy?

Can you explain what it means?

Do you think different systems of democracy are fair or not? Give your reasons. 

Compare ancient and modern democracy, what are the similarities and differences?

What is the legacy of the Athenian democratic system and how does it affect your life today? 


The Olympics

Think about the Rio Olympics 2016. What do you remember? What events can you remember? Can you describe the modern day Olympic Games?

The Olympics started in Ancient Greece and was a huge event. The different states were often at war but there was always peace during the games as it was a religious event. Ancient Greek pottery can help us find out what happened. How do we know about these events? What is our evidence? Research different paintings and pottery which show Olympic events.

What events are depicted?


When researching think about these key questions:

· What information can  pottery give us about the Ancient Greek Olympic Games.?

· Why are the Ancient Games important to the modern Olympic Games? What’s the same and what has changed?

· What are the modern day Olympic games like?

· What legacy has been left behind?


Enjoy playing the ‘Ancient Greek Olympics Board Game’ with your family.


Ancient and Modern Olympics

Ancient Greek Olympic Board Game

The Trojan War

Priam’s Treasure Photo Pack

Look at the artefacts in Priam’s Treasure Photo Pack, a collection found by archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in the 1870s. The finds are believed to date back the time of ancient Troy. Look at each picture. Do you know what it is? Do you have any questions about the artefact?

Priam’s Treasure Fact Cards

Was your idea about each artefact correct? What have you learnt about Greek life from the artefacts?

The Trojan War Presentation

Our evidence about the Trojan War comes from The Iliad, a poem written by Homer. Can you retell the story of the Trojan War? Write a diary entry as

either a Greek or a Trojan.

Challenge: Design and make your own Trojan Horse. What materials will you use? Will you conceal anything inside?