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Our current history topic is the Ancient Greeks. We will be thinking about who the Ancient Greeks were, their place in history, their effect on democracy, the creation of the Olympics, Greek Gods and Goddesses, Greek Art and the story of the Trojan War.

Have fun researching this topic and discovering lots about this fascinating period of time. Perhaps you could create a fact file, PowerPoint, poster or piece of Greek Pottery. We would love to see what you have created.  We will add some resources to help you with this topic.     



Research Athenian democracy to discover how it worked and how elements of it are still relevant today. Think about these key questions:

What is democracy?

Can you explain what it means?

Do you think different systems of democracy are fair or not? Give your reasons. 

Compare ancient and modern democracy, what are the similarities and differences?

What is the legacy of the Athenian democratic system and how does it affect your life today?