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History & Geography

Our topic for the Spring term: The Romans

Each term, we complete a Knowledge Mind Map for our new topic.  Today, I would like you to complete the document attached below. We completed one of these at the beginning of the Autumn term, so you will be very familiar with the process. If you are unable to print it, don't worry, just write down all of the things that you know about the Romans and keep it safe (you will need this to add to at a later date).  Please do not do any research at this point. 

Our knowledge Mind Maps are all about showing our progression and learning journey and at this point in time, you may only be able to write down one or two things. Start by writing "The Romans" in the middle and then add any knowledge you have in the space around the outside.


Vocabulary: What vocabulary (words) do you know that link to this topic?


Skills: What Geography and History skills can you remember? (e.g. Locating a country on a map, Putting events on a timeline, Researching using primary and secondary sources)


Once you have done this, choose a different colour and write down 2-4 questions that you would like to research over the next few weeks (remember to write down the answers to these as you come across them).