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Picture News - Pets

Picture News is part of our PSHE curriculum, each week covers a topic in the news and we have a class discussion. There is also a picture news paper, which you can read for pleasure! 


This week's question: Should anyone be allowed to buy a pet?

Have a look at Picture News at Home. What do you think? You can just reflect on this or you can try one of the following tasks:


  • How many reasons can you think of to explain why people may choose to buy a pet? Make a mindmap/poster.
  • Do you have any pets? Draw your pet/pets in the middle of a piece of paper and explain the best things about having one. e.g. It has taught me to be responsible and caring, I enjoy spending time with my dog and I love going for walks together.


You could alternatively try one of the activities on the KS2 suggestions resource.