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The Amazing Americas

Over the last few weeks our geography focus has been the 'Amazing Americas'.  In this unit, the children first found out about the continents of North and South America, and the countries that form them. They will also looked in more detail at some of the contrasting regions of the Americas, finding out about the landscape, climate and locations of each area. The children identified the similarities and differences between a region of the Americas. They have also developed their map and atlas skills and practised reading and writing coordinates.  Recently they learned about the ancient and new wonders of the world, specifically those of the Americas, and began to research a natural wonder of the Americas in preparation to create their own presentations to teach others what they had learned.


Below are some tasks that the children can complete to extend their knowledge. For Task 1 I have included a fact file template which they can use to continue their research of a new wonder of the Americas from the following list: Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, The Amazon Rainforest, Easter Island and Machu Picchu. In Task 2 the children can choose any creature living in North America. Once the fact files are completed the children can use their research notes to write an extended piece of work about their chosen wonder/creature. Please use the Year 5 Writing Mat and Writing Self-Assessment Checklist as a support tools to encourage the children to include the grammar, punctuation and spelling words expected in a Year 5 piece of writing.