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Good morning!

We hope you have had a lovely week of home school learning.

Today we are asking you to practise writing the curly caterpillar letters h,b and p. Remember the h and b are tall letters and the p hangs slightly below the line with the round part of the letter sitting on the line.



Today we would like you to revise all the new sounds you have looked at this week. We are also introducing the word 'you'. This is a word we would like the children to eventually recognise on sight so finding it in books or in the environment would be a useful way of practising it.


For your story based activity today we would like you get creative! Can you make a puppet of your puddle creature? You can use whatever resources are available to you. It can be a stick puppet, one made with junk materials, a sock puppet, paper mache, embellish an existing toy or any other way you wish. We cant wait to see what you have used. Don't forget to use the picture you did earlier in the week to try to get it as close to your design as possible.


For maths today we are using the white rose session 5 looking at comparing numbers.

Can you use the activity and PowerPoint and using some toys have a teddy bear picnic looking at sharing different quantities of food up to 5 between 2 people? Think about who has more, less or equal. What happens if you share them between 3?


Don't forget to update your weather chart. You can carry on over the weekend if you wish.


Well done for an amazing week of work to both children and parents!