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Happy Friday everyone and welcome to your last day of home learning! You have all done amazingly over the last few weeks and we are so proud of you all. We can't wait to see you back in school on Monday!


We are very aware of all the hard work you have put in with your children's learning over the last few weeks so we want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support and for getting on board with all the suggested activities. As you are the ones who have been working so closely with your child we would ask that if over the last few weeks there has been anything you have noticed your child is really struggling with, or you feel they have not grasped and would benefit from working on further once back in school please do email us to let us know. Likewise if you feel they have really excelled at something through the home learning and feel they can now do something more and do it independently please let us know that too. We will of course be doing some very informal assessments once the children are back in school to make sure we plug any gaps in learning as appropriate but would really value your opinions as you have been their 'teacher'. 


Today for our phonics and handwriting we are looking again at our Phase 3 tricky words. If there are any of these you are not confident with can you please have another practise recognising and writing them today? The words in this phase are - he, she, we, me, be, was, you, they, all, are, my, her. 


We hope you have enjoyed finding out information about animals this week and today we would like you to finish off any information finding and share what you have found out with someone. Did you find out something new? Has anything you found out surprised you? Have you come across any new words that you didn't know before? 


For maths today we are using the White Rose Building 9 and 10, week 1 session 5 resources. Today we are looking at numbers to 10 and would like you to have a go playing bingo. You can use the resources below or have a go at making you own game. Try mixing the pictures showing objects, domino dots, spots etc. 


For our RE today we are continuing the theme of Spring festivals and celebrations and are now starting to look at the Christian festival of Easter. Initially we want to think about Spring  and identify key features of Spring. Can you talk about the 4 seasons and talk about how Spring is different to Autumn, Winter and Summer. How do the features of Spring make you feel and why? 

 Use the Powerpoint to guess the animal and guess what it will grow into. Discuss how Spring is often seen as the season that welcomes new life. Discuss the plants and animals that are born/start growing during this season. There are video clips on Espresso looking at signs of each season if you want to look at them. 

Why not finish off your week and home learning with some Golden Time? Decide on a little treat, maybe playing a game or something to watch or eat? Well done, you have deserved it!

Mums and dads you deserve to give yourselves a little treat too! Well done, you did it! 


See you all on Monday!