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Good morning and happy Friday! 


Today for our phonics and handwriting we are thinking about our tricky words and would like you to have a go writing the words the, no, go, to. If you are able to put these words into sentences and have a go at writing a sentence for one of them that would be super. Try to remember about your tall and short letters and if you use any words with the digraph joins we have been practising remember to join them in your sentence too. 


Today we are going to be thinking about eggs. What do we know about eggs? Are all eggs the same? Can you find out any information about eggs? 

Yesterday we thought about bird nests and how these help protect bird eggs. Have you seen any birds going to or from nests around where you live? Can you make a little area in you  home or garden where you can look out and keep an eye on any birds you can see? If you have any binoculars at home could you keep a watch for some? You could try to find out the names of any you see. You could keep count or use the sheet below to tick off any you see.  If you are watching the birds outside do you need to create an area where the birds won't see you or be scared away? How could you do this? 


For our maths today we are using the White Rose growing 6,7,8 session 5 which is looking at measuring time. Today we want to see how many things you can do in one minute. How many times can you write your name or jump on the spot in 1 minute? Which were you able to do more of in one minute? What other things could you try and do in one minute?



Today we are also going to continue with our RE work looking at the theme of 'Celebrations'. On a world map can you find India on the map? Share the story of Holi (attached) and the background information. At the start of Holi (festival of colour celebrating the start of Spring), all rubbish is burned as a way of getting rid of the old and starting afresh.  Talk through some of the traditions. What would be your favourite part of Holi? What have you learned?