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Happy Friday! 

Well done you have completed a whole half term of home learning. Children and parents we want to say well done to you all. It has been a challenging half term and you have all been amazing.  


For our final day of activities for this half term we would like you to focus on the tricky words 'out' and 'what' for our phonics today. talk about the words and how they are used in sentences. You can play tricky words games on the Phonics Play website to reinforce the tricky words in each phase. 


For handwriting today we would like you once again to practise your name. You can work on your first name or first name and surname as appropriate. 


Today we are hoping that Evil Pea feels sorry for kidnapping the vegetables. We are going to think about what we should do when we have done something wrong. Talk about saying sorry and trying not to do it again. Today can the children write a sorry card or letter to the vegetables apologising for kidnapping them.   


If you would like to dress up as a superhero today and make up/act out  a little superhero story you could always video it and upload to tapestry.


For our RE session today we are continuing with our focus on celebrations. Remind children about the work they have been doing on Chinese New Year which starts today and tell them we are looking at a different festival today looking at the Persian New Year. 

On a map can you identify where the UK and Iran is? Talk about differences between Winter and Spring and explain that some people celebrate the start of Spring as their New Year and this is known as Nowruz  in Iran as well as other countries. Share the story 'The Flowers came, Spring arrived: A Nowruz story'. Talk about how they would feel if it was always Winter or always Spring? Talk about some of the things people do as part of the Nowruz celebrations (See background information) and compare to other celebrations.  Can you find out any information about the Haji Firuz, a fictional character associated with Nowruz? 


For our maths today we are using session 5 for this week. We are looking at adding more.  The video and powerpoint show how we can use 2 dice to add together to move along a number line. Can you play a track game together. You can use 2 dice and either move the number of dots one one dice then the number on the 2nd dice or try adding them together before starting to move.  You could try making your own track game to play over half term if you like. 


Finally today we would like you to choose a little treat to do or have. On a Friday we usually enjoy 'Golden Time' towards the end of the day where we choose something to do as a little reward for good work and behaviour. Can you enjoy some golden time at home too? 


Have a enjoyable rest over half term. We will hopefully be seeing you back in school soon.