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Happy Friday!


Well done on another fantastic week of home learning. 


Today for our handwriting we are wanting you to practise writing your surname. Make sure all your letters are correctly formed with tall and short letters clearly shown. 


For our phonics today we are going to be thinking about our tricky words were, there, little, one. Can you practise recognising these on sight? The phonics play website has some games using tricky words that you might enjoy. You could also think of some sentences that include these words and tell your sentences to a grown up to make sure we have understood what they mean correctly. 


For our literacy activity today we are going to think about fruits and vegetables. Which foods should you eat lots of and which foods should you eat less of? Discuss healthy and not so healthy food choices and see if you can choose some foods that would make a healthy meal.  You can do this in whatever way you choose. You could make something for your lunch or tea using real foods, or draw foods on a sheet and label them, or if you have any magazines of food leaflets at home you could cut and stick some healthy food choices on a sheet and have a go at labelling them. 


We are also continuing to look at Chinese New Year as part of our RE curriculum. If you can think again about the story with the animals and if you look on Espresso there are some video clips showing how people celebrate Chinese New Year. As part of this celebration people put up lights outside their homes, put up decorations (often red and gold), make food and buy presents for others. They also clean houses from top to bottom, sweeping out the old year and clearing the way for good luck in the new year. Think about celebrations you celebrate at home and think about similarities and differences. You can use the template below to make your own Chinese lantern if you wish. 


For our maths today we are using Growing 6,7,8 week 1 session 5 looking at 1 more, 1 less. Use the video and activity to investigate finding 1 more/1 less. Use some toys and count how many there are, someone removes or adds a toy, how many are there now? Can you tell which one has been removed or added? Record in number sentences if you wish.