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Good morning and happy Friday!


Today in our handwriting we are finishing our curly caterpillar letters  focussing on f,s and e. The f is tricky so don't worry if you find it hard. 


In our phonics today we are concentrating on our key words and looking particularly at the words 'like', 'come' and 'some'. Can you spot these words in text in your reading books or play a matching game with them? 


For our literacy activity today we want you to get the story map you made yesterday and use it to tell someone your story. Try to think about story language e.g one day, and try to use some describing words or interesting words to make your story more exciting. Can you change your voice for different characters?  


If you want to write some sentences to accompany your sentences you can or an adult could scribe your story for you!

We can't wait to hear about your story ideas!


We are also this week going to start looking at our Religious Education work for this term. Our theme for this term is 'Celebrations' and our key question is 'How do people celebrate?' We will begin by thinking about Chinese New Year which is in mid February this year. Can you find China on a map of the world? Where is it in relation to the UK? What do you know about China? 

Share the story of the Chinese New Year (below) or an alternative version if you wish and use the animal masks to identify which animals are which. You can use the animal masks to act out the story if you want to. What did you think of the story? Which animal did you like the most and why? 



For our maths today we are measuring ingredients for a no cook play dough. Have fun measuring out the ingredients and see what you can make with the play dough! Have fun!