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Lilleshall Primary School

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Good morning everyone. 

We hope you have been enjoying all your home learning activities this week. 

Today for your handwriting we would like you to have a go at writing your name in cursive. Can you show us which letters are tall and which are small? If you can manage this really well you can have a go at doing your surname too!


In phonics today we are going to look again at the 'Words ending in cc (2)' video on Espresso.  Today we are going to be writing the words paint, boost and think. We will write the sentence 'I lit the lamp in the dark'. Don't forget to sing the sentence song first to remind you about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


Today we want you to help Puddle Creature learn how to be good. In the story he was quite naughty and today we want you to think of something you and your puddle creature could do around your home that is kind or helpful. Maybe you could do some tidying up, help with the washing or the cooking.  


For the maths today we want you to look at the White Rose maths session 5- how many are hiding. Use the video and PowerPoint to help you work out how many objects are hiding. Play a game with a partner where you have some objects in a bag or bucket and some not. Show the number of how many there are altogether. Can you work out by counting on from the objects you can see to the number given to work out haw many are hidden? 

You can record your work in number sentences if you wish.


Don't forget to keep checking how much rain you have collected! 


Enjoy your weekend.