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Here are a range of activities for the week to cover our foundation lessons. Choose one/two a day and see how you get on. Some will take you a few days to complete, others can be completed within one lesson so bear this in mind when you are planning out your work for the week. We will upload more as the week goes on but we are currently busy getting some home learning on for you all today.

**Just added - you will find this week's RE lesson at the bottom of the page.



Look at this page on compass and grid references;

Produce a fact-file on rainforests, you can choose a particular topic (animals, layers, plants, deforestation etc) or do a general report on lots of aspects.



Thinking back to our sports week, I would like you to practise the triple jump. Think about the process we went through with the hop, then skip, then jump.

Use the build up, counting in between each step which gets shorter each turn until you can do it without any counting in-between. Let me know how you get on smiley


P.S.H.E / Reflection

Have a look at the resources below, read through the questions and reflect on them.


Just for fun… have a look at this channel on YouTube or YouTube kids (it works on both)- art for kids hub. Have a go at drawing in a cartoon style! Follow step by step, as they talk you through until you have produced your masterpiece!



We have been working very hard in school- take some time this afternoon to have your golden time (and a little extra!). Do something you enjoy; play outside, draw, bike ride- just take some time to relax smiley


Here is the first lesson of our final unit in RE for this term. Play the powerpoint and jot down your ideas ready to discuss them in class next week.