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Please continue to use the Year 5 Literacy support resources below.

The writing mat includes the aspects of grammar, punctuation and spelling that need to be understood and applied by a Year 5 child in their own writing and identified by them in the writing of others. The Pupil Writing Checklist is used by pupils to assess what they have included in their independent writing. The Reading Comprehension Sheet lists the skills that a Year 5 child needs to use when completing reading comprehension activities. I have also included a copy of the Statutory Year 3 and 4 Spelling list for revision and consolidation.

Here are the literacy lessons for Monday and Tuesday. Once again they include online lesson links with videos and activities, reading comprehension activities, SPAG practise and extension activities should you wish to continue and consolidate your learning. Please remember to try to use and demonstrate your developing Year 5 grammar skills in all your writing across the whole curriculum e.g. Art - Frank Lloyd Wright research.