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Wednesday 3rd March

LF: To write a persuasive information text about Rome.


Today, I would like you to create your brochure/information text about Rome. You are writing to persuade somebody to visit Rome, remember to describe a selection of the amazing landmarks/attractions you can visit, the delicious food and how best to travel around. Use the word and phrase bank to help you make your writing extra impressive! 


Remember to include:

  • Sub-headings
  • Exaggeration and promises (!)
  • Rhetorical questions (?)
  • Lots of interesting facts
  • Descriptive language - adjectives/expanded noun phrases
  • Direct the reader - "you"
  • Bossy verbs - ( explore, take, go, try)


You can present this piece of work however you like. I have included a brochure template below, or you can just write on lined paper using subheadings or try creating your own on the computer. There are also photos/pictures for you to include or you can find or draw your own.


I look forward to reading them all!