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Activity 1: Subordinating Conjunctions


Watch and sing along to the WHITE BUS song to remind you what subordinating conjunctions are:

Sing with Grammarsaurus - Subordinating Conjunctions

Sing and learn with Grammarsaurus!

Now have a go at the activities on BBC Bitesize:


Complete the worksheet below by completing the sentence by using a subordinating conjunction. Use the word mat to help you if you need to. Colour in the jigsaw piece which has a subordinating conjunction. 

Activity 2: Main and Subordinate Clauses


Yesterday, we looked at subordinating conjunctions. We use subordinating conjunctions to make a subordinate clause.

Have a look at this PowerPoint to recap main and subordinate clauses. 

Now have a go at completing the following activities: 

Activity 3: Write a Postcard

Write a postcard to a friend or family member to tell them about a fun day you have had either recently or another time you can remember. Have a look at the help sheet below to remind you what to include and you can create your postcard on the template below: 

Activity 4: Create a Holiday/Travel Brochure

Create a brochure/leaflet to persuade people to visit a holiday destination or a city in Europe. Have a look at the help sheet below to help you. You can either create it on the template provided, create your own by folding an A4 piece of paper in three, or on a computer if you have access to one.