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Thursday 28th January

LF: To use fronted adverbials for how, when and where.


Watch the video below to recap fronted adverbials and how we use them in our sentences. Remember, fronted adverbials are sentence starters – a word or a phrase that comes a the start of our sentence smiley

Year 3 - Writing - Fronted Adverbials

Let's make our writing more exciting using fronted adverbials.

For today’s task, you will need both resources below – if you are unable to print, you can do this task on a piece of paper.

1. Read each sentence and improve it by using a fronted adverbial.

2. Then, write your new sentence either in the correct box in the newspaper template - “how, when or where”.

3. You can use the fronted adverbials given or challenge yourself to think of your own!

Example: People ran towards the harbour.



Frantically, people ran towards the harbour. 


When the volcano struck, people ran towards the harbour.


Through the cobbled streets, people ran towards the harbour.


You only need to add one fronted adverbial to each sentence – I am just showing you how this sentence would work with each one.