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This term, our Literacy work will be closely linked to The Romans. 


Our class text is "Escape from Pompeii" by Christina Balit.


Monday 11th January

LF: To infer and make predictions about a text.


Firstly, I would like you to select a worksheet from the link below. I have put group colours at the top of the page as a guide to which one you should complete.


Have a look at the front cover and title of the book and have a go at answering the first two questions. Remember, a prediction is a sensible guess - what do you think happens in the story based on what you can see?

Now, read pages 1-5 or watch the video and pause at 2:50! Then, answer questions 3 and 4.

Escape from Pompeii

Here is the first part of 'Escape from Pompeii' for you to enjoy... make sure you pause the video at 2:50.

Now, finish reading the book by clicking on the file below, were your predictions correct? Complete the sheet by explaining what you have learned. You can use the key words to help you on worksheet 2.