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Lilleshall Primary School

Working Together for Excellence and Enjoyment


In computing continue to practise your skills including creating: PowerPoints,  fact files,  posters, leaflets and researching (using reliable sources).


Espresso Coding

Continue to develop your coding skills by accessing Espresso Coding using your user name and password. Click on the ’Block Coding’ tab and progress through Level 5 or refresh your skills by revisiting levels 1-4. 


IDEA—The Duke of York, Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award

Using your personal username and password work through the following bite-size badges :

Citizen  Badges  - Digital awareness, safety and ethics

Worker Badges  - Tools and techniques which are useful in the workplace

Maker Badges  - Digital creativity and how to build and make in the digital world

Entrepreneur Badges  -  Learn how to originate ideas and bring them to life

Gamer Badges  - Learn gamification techniques and how to make games

Independent Badges  - Other useful digital and enterprise skills


Work your way through the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels for which you will receive a certificate from Buckingham Palace acknowledging your progress towards becoming a ‘Digital Citizen’.


Scratch Coding - You can continue to practise your coding skills using Scratch at home.